What is Andinet Directory™?

Andinet is a non-profit directory listing black companies, businesses, services and skills across China. We consider this to be a fully functional and free to use database and resource for anyone coming to China or already here and hoping to find out more and support more black-owned businesses, get involved in more community-led initiatives and find their tribe.

Andinet Directory™ is completely free however powering such an ambitious directory does come with several costs that we cover ourselves. If you’d like to support our work, donate to our Patreon account.  

Black Livity China

Andinet Directory™ is brought to you by Black Livity China.Black Livity China is an online platform that aims to showcase matters relating to the lives, wellbeing and experiences of black people either inside China or in relation to China and her people for the benefit of our global community.This is an effort initiated by members of our community, by us for us.Read our full about us at blacklivitychina.com

our team

Our co-founders chose to write eachothers bios! Read the start of them below and visit us  at to get the full low down!

Hannah Getachew

Black Livity China Co-Founder

Hannah’s the kind of character you meet once, marvel over – and instantly realise you’d be foolish not to meet again. She seamlessly manages to combine that which is nurturing, entertaining and educational all in one impressive larger than life vessel.

Read her full bio -here – 

Runako Celina

Black Livity China co-founder

The day we met Runako’s hair was styled in long braids, in a high bun with flyaway strands hanging below her shoulders. She was standing outside waiting for a Didi, texting away with her glossy purple nails. Everything about her was fashionable and I remember thinking “she is so cool!”Read her full bio -here – 

Get the most out of Andinet Directory™ for your brand, organisation or group!

Broaden your network

Andinet™ is not solely a business directory- we list organisations, associations, skilled people, wechat and social/interest groups as well as businesses. As such, a quick browse of Andinet™ can translate to real social networking opportunities. New to China? Perhaps you’ve moved cities? Or you just fancy a change? Or maybe you’ve just created a new niche wechat group and looking for people who share the same interest as you across China. Andinet™ has got you!

Gain Reviews

Thanks to our ratings and reviews system, you’ll be able to show your potential clients, customers, partners and more that you’ve got an existing client base, you’ve delivered great service before and that you come highly recommended.This is a great way to grow your reach and invite increased ‘virtual’ foot flow. Want to take things to the next level? Encourage your existing clients/service users or members to leave reviews and ratings.

Get the most out of Andinet Directory™ as a consumer!

Explore Your City

Sometimes things are just on our doorstep yet we never know! Use Andinet™’s location feature to find listings specifically in your city. We currently have listings from over 20 cities and we’re growing everyday! Visiting another city and want to find your community or support local community initiatives? Andinet can help then too!

Search for a gap in the market

Looking to start a new business, group or organisation? Surf Andinet Directory™ and see if there’s a niche in your city/region. Perhaps you’ll be the first to bring your idea to your city or you’ll be building on a pre-existing foundation. Alternatively, have a browse and see what others are doing in other cities – you’ll be able to take inspiration from them, better define your idea and possibly even reach out to, and partner with those operating in the same industry!

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