Andinet Directory was born as a small project in March 2018 when Black Livity China co-founders Hannah and Runako drew on the spirit of unity and togetherness that had been brewing for some time across China’s black community. This eventually culminated in the publication of ‘From Ideas to implementation: Group Economics for a growing Black China’, in which they detailed ideas to encourage economic solidarity in and across the community as a means towards increased financial wealth. 

As the idea for Andinet Directory™ grew, so too did our realisation of the costs required to do this project justice. To this date, the project is completely self-funded and non-profit.

Depending on your gift you’ll get: 

  • Access to our co-founders monthly watch list - detailing info and latest happenings across Black China
  • Automatic subscription to Black Livity China and our latest content
  • Plenty of new perks as the platform continues to grow

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