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Andinet Directory™ is a non-profit directory listing black companies, businesses, services and skills across China. We consider this to be a fully functional and free to use database and resource. It’s accessible to anyone hoping to find out more, get involved in community-led initiatives, support black-owned businesses, and find their tribe.

Andinet Directory™ is completely non-profit; any funds earned will go back into making Andinet an even better resource for our community across China and beyond. You can, however, support our work by donating to us via our Patreon page. All donors will receive perks and acknowldegment for their contribution.

Andinet is brought to the community by Black Livity China, with the support of OPOPO. Find out more about Black Livity China here.

Both organisations were founded by women of African descent, our organisations are passionate about providing spaces for all in and across our community.

Andinet is a non-profit directory and as such we pay running costs ourselves. If you’d like to donate to help us with hosting costs, please send it to us via paypal at or support us via our Patreon account! 

We’ve broken this one down into two sub-sections:

         a) Explore Andinet

We welcome anyone to use Andinet to search for and explore organisations, businesses, social groups and skilled individuals of African descent across China. 

          b) Get Listed on Andinet

To get listed on Andinet Directory™ we ask that you meet the following requirements for a listing

Are you a black person of African descent?

Are you based in China?

Is your organisation, group, business or service currently active?

If you’re not the founder of this organisation, group, business or service have you sought permission to create this listing?

*If you’re a business or organization your clients, customers or member don’t have to be solely or even primarily African or of African descent, provided you meet the requirements in terms of ownership.

New Listers FAQs

Yes, most definitely. Andinet Directory™ exists in part to highlight the amazing things being done by people in our community across China

Yes, as a general rule we are happy to welcome companies, businesses and services delivered by a diverse team as long as it is at least 50% black owned.

Does your business still have a customer base in China?  Are you still working with a partner in China? Are you still active in China?

If you answered yes to these questions, we’re happy to include you on the Andinet Directory™. If in doubt please get in touch with us to query.

If not, you unfortunately are not permitted to feature on the directory. However, Black Livity China is currently working on a project focused on ‘Life after China’ and would very much be interested in your current activities since leaving China. To find out more get in touch here.

Existing Listers FAQs

Yes, your listing can be handed on.  We encourage you to share this information with us for our record, and also provide us with the new contact details. 

We monitor all reviews extremely carefully, and require all reviewers to leave a name and email address. While we cannot disclose this information to you, in the case of serious accusations we can act as a mediator between both parties and will endeavour to get to the bottom of said review. Unfortunately we cannot remove reviews solely because they are deemed negative. This goes against our {Good Community Practice Guide}, however we do encourage you to invite customers who have had a good experience to leave you a review and to publicise news of their experiences. 

In our {Good Community Practice guide} we provide listers with suggestions as to how to approach customers and ask them to write a review.

Any reviews containing racist, sexist, homophobic or otherwise offensive language will not be posted.

Information on claiming listings can be found here

Andinet Directory™ Users FAQs

At Black Livity China, we aim to keep our community as harmonious as possible at all times. As a result, should any discrepancies arise we are willing to act as mediators to resolve the issue, however we do not accept liability for any exchanges, sales or business that may result from using Andinet Directory™. Read our disclaimer here

Still have unanswered questions? Use our live chat service or email us at

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